Book Reviews

Last updated 10 July 2015

iain mackintosh

george pyrich

Book (and CD) reviews cover a selection of articles written by Iain Mackintosh and George Pyrich, reprinted from the quarterly SCCA magazine.

Review Articles

Jul 2015Electronic BooksChess Informant and ChessBase Magazine
Oct 2014Bent Larsenís Best Gamesby Bent Larsen, New in Chess
Jan 2014The Hague - Moscow 1948by Max Euwe, Russell Enterprises
Oct 2013Vassily Ivanchuk - 100 Selected Gamesby Nikolay Kalinichenko, New in Chess
Jul 2013The Perfect Pirc-Modernby Viktor Moskalenko, New in Chess
Oct 200450 Golden Chess Gamesby Tim Harding, Chess Mail
Jul 2004Gladiatoren Ante Portasby Volker-Michael Anton and Fritz Baumbach, BdF
Oct 2003Red Lettersby Tim Harding and Sergey Grodzensky, Chess Mail
Apr 2003Megacorr 3by Tim Harding, Chess Mail
Jan 2003ICCF Golded Pedro Hegoburu, ICCF
Oct 200264 Great Chess Gamesby Tim Harding, Chess Mail
Jul 2002Informator 83by Chess Informant, Yugoslavia
Apr 2002Total Marshallby Tim Harding, Chess Mail