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Last updated 18 March 2019

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19 Mar 19 | BCCC Rules Added to Website
Gordon Anderson has provided a rules update for the British CC Championship which applies from this year. The rules may be accessed via the site menu system by selecting events/general/bccc rules, or by following this link: BCCC Rules.

18 Mar 19 | ICCF 2019 World Championship Semi-Finals Announced
Gian-Maria Tani, ICCF Title Tournament Commissioner, writes to announce the start date of the Semi-Finals of the 43rd WCCC as June 20, 2019. Entries will be accepted according to ICCF Tournament Rules valid as from January 1st, 2019, to be received not later than 5th May 2019. Member Federations Nominations (MFN) for the Semi-Finals should also be submitted not later than 5th May 2019. MFN for 2018 cannot be used for 2019 WC Cycle. Scottish players who are eligible and who are interested in playing should contact Gordon Anderson as soon as possible and before 30th April 2019.

16 Mar 19 | ICCF George D Pyrich Memorial Team Tournament Announced
Michael Millstone, ICCF General Secretary has written to announce the above team tournament in memory of the late George D Pyrich. All ICCF Member Federations are invited to enter up to two teams to this event, which will be played on the ICCF web-server on two rounds: Preliminaries and Final.
All players in a team must be rated at <2300 on the ICCF Rating list 2019/2 or on the current FIDE List. In addition all players must be full members of the Federation they represent or be registered on the ICCF server for the county of the Federation they represent for the duration of the tournament.
The Preliminaries will start on 1st June, 2019.
There will be 6 players in each team. A maximum of 3 players may be replaced during the tournament. The right to be promoted from the preliminaries will be determined by the ICCF Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner and approved by the Executive Board at the start of the tournament. The intention will be for a 13 Team Final.
The entry fee will be at the rate of £5 per player, i.e. £30 per team. There will be no further entry fee for the Final.
Time control will be Triple Block (Duration of Tournament: 700 days; Initial Clock: 50 days; Initial Bank: 50 days; Increment: 5 days).
Scottish players who meet the ratings requirements and who wish to be considered for selection should make contact with Gordon Anderson as soon as possible but no later than 30th April 2019.

19 Feb 19 | ICCF Europa Stern Invitational Announced
Andrey Pavlikov, Director Europa Zone writes to announce an invitational tournament in memory of Werner Stern who died recently. Stern is the only player to have won the European Championship twice.
The Werner Stern Memorial will be a Category V-VIII: Dependent on the players entered SIM, IM, CCM, CCE norms should be available. Each section will comprise 13-15 players. Play will be by postal mail.
ICCF standard time control of 10 moves in 40 days with duplication after 20 days is used with a start date of 15 May 2019. Entry fee: €10 (euros). Prize fund: €300, €200, €100 (euros) for 1st, 2nd, 3rd players. Players who wish to participate in tournament should have an ELO rating of 2350+ in ICCF rating list 2019/2.
Any Scottish players who wish to participate should contact Gordon Anderson as soon as possible but no later than 20th March 2019.

13 Feb 19 | Friendly Versus Panama Starts
Team captains Gordon Anderson and Hermann Rösch have finalised their teams and play will officially start on 1st March in our first-ever friendly match against Panama (though moves are possible from today). The match comprises 19 boards and will take place on the webserver. As ever, best wishes to both teams for competitive chess plus the making of new friends!

11 Feb 19 | ICCF Venezuelan Invitational Tournament
César Jesús Reyes Maldonado, President of FEDAP-VEN writes to announce the decision to hold the II INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL PABLO ATARS 2019 (VEN) tournament. The event will be an International Open in 10 Groups by categories (rating list 2019-2), using the new Triple Block (302 days) system. Start date will be May 15, 2019. Entries need to be submitted to the organisers by 21st April 2019. Entry fee through registration by participant is €10 (euros) through PayPal ( The following sections are planned:
Each member of ICCF, including Scottish players will have received a notice through the server of the above and those interesting in participating should enter directly making payment through PayPal, as above. Please note that neither SCCA nor its Treasurer have a PayPal account.

28 Jan 19 | SCCA 2019 Domestic Events Started
Many thanks again to Kevin Paine who has initiated all our major domestic events in January this year! You can access the x-table links via the following pages: championship; premier; open; and leagues. The leagues have again proved popular, with an extra division this season. Challengers fixtures will follow in February, in order to stagger the games load for players.

27 Jan 19 | ICCF SIM Norm for Murden
Australia based IM Clive Murden has achieved his second Senior International Master (SIM) norm whilst playing for Scotland on Board 3 in the 11th European Team Championship Semi-final. Clive achieved the norm score of 6/10. Clive’s first norm was achieved in 2012 playing in the 18th Olympiad Prelims. Congratulations to Clive who now needs a third norm to be awarded the SIM title.

11 Jan 19 | ICCF Grading List 2019/1 Published
The first quarterly list of 2019 is published on the website today. Look under publications/grading list to see the web page, or go to members/downloads for the pdf version. For further information, please contact Kevin Paine.

11 Jan 19 | SCCA Magazine 144 Published
The fourth and final e-mag of the 2018 set is being distributed by email today. Printed copies are in the post tonight. As usual, members will be asked to download their e-mags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary e-mags will be attached to the email. Download times will be about the same as last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

09 Jan 19 | ICCF CCE Norm (and Title) for Lloyd
Geoff Lloyd of Prestatyn has obtained his third ICCF Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) norm and subsequently the CCE Title, although the latter has still to be confirmed by the Qualifications Commissioner. Geoff reached the qualifying standard of 5 points while playing in the Veterans World Cup 9 Semi-final 3 where he still has 4 games to complete. Geoff’s first norm was obtained in January 2017 whilst playing in the WCCF Congress Invitational, while his second norm was obtained whilst playing in the Esko Nuutilainen Team Tournament. Congratulations to Geoff on his 3rd norm and on obtaining the title when it is confirmed!

09 Jan 19 | ICCF CCE Title for Blake
Mickey Blake of Castle Douglas has obtained his second ICCF Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE) norm and subsequently the CCE Title. Mickey reached the qualifying standard of 5 points while playing in the Veterans World Cup 9 Semi-final 1 where he still has 5 games to complete. Mickey’s first norm was obtained in September 2018 whilst playing in the WCCF 5th Invitational. Congratulations to Mickey!

01 Jan 19 | ICCF President's New Year Message
To all Correspondence Chess Friends,
As 2018 ends, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you and all those dear to you for a very healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to all officials and delegates for their devoted work on behalf of ICCF during the last year.
This last year has indeed been demanding for all ICCF officials and volunteers but nevertheless has proved to be successful for ICCF which has achieved substantial progress and improvement.
This year a new and fully automated registration system has been implemented on the server to improve players' experience and streamline the entries to our tournaments. We have now published the ICCF laws of correspondence chess that complete the set of rules applying to correspondence chess.
The new structure of ICCF norm tournaments adopted by the Congress in Wales has been launched successfully in December. The new system provides improved targeted master and grand-master norm tournaments as well as new correspondence chess experts, chess masters, and senior international masters tournaments. The number of entries registered since these new tournaments were advertised among the players demonstrates that they will be a success and that they have filled a gap in ICCF tournament offerings.
This year the ICCF Congress will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania at the end of August, and I hope that many delegates, officials and correspondence chess players will join us. 2019 will be an election year and all member federations are kindly invited to participate in the election of the ICCF Executive Board members.
In closing, let me once again extend to you my best wishes for the New Year. I hope that 2019 will bring satisfaction in all your endeavors, personal, professional, and chess!
Amici Sumus,
Eric Ruch
ICCF President