Last updated 17 October 2016


  1. We are a national organisation.
  2. We are an active member and supporter of ICCF.
  3. We are a non-commercial organisation with a break-even (or better) financial aim.


  1. Our membership is open to any chess player, subject to the categorisations below.
  2. We recognise the following nationality categories:
    • Scots (fulfil ICCF regulations and can represent Scotland in ICCF team events).
    • Scots Connection (descent from parent/grandparent and/or residence for 2+ years).
    • Non-Scots (all other types).
  3. We operate the following membership categories, all of whom have voting rights at the AGM:

    Category Fees Benefits
    Patron 100+ donation Commemorative (by agreement); free magazine (email or printed) in the first year; free tournament entries (all events in any year).
    Life 10 x Annual Free magazine (email or printed) in the first year; free email introductory tournaments in any year.
    Annual Set at AGM Free email magazine and email introductory tournaments.

  4. We solicit membership as follows:
    • Scots - actively, via all available media in Scotland.
    • Scots Connection - passively, via the website and magazine internationally.
    • Non-Scots - passively in accordance with ICCF agreements.
    • Transfers - occasionally we receive requests from non-Scots who move to Scotland to work or retire, or have some other reason for wanting to switch national allegiance. The player must first seek consent from his/her existing federation plus the SCCA; if both organisations are happy then the ICCF Executive is requested to ratify the change. If that is agreed, then the player is deemed to have automatically fulfilled any nationality criteria operated by SCCA. [The converse is also true; an SCCA member may seek to transfer to another federation if there is good reason to do so.]
  5. Playing eligibility is as follows:
    • Only Scots and Scots Connections (2a and 2b above, and refer 4d) of any member type are eligible to play in the SCCA Championship Final.
    • All nationalities and all member types can play in all other SCCA events.
    • All nationalities whose principal affiliation is to the SCCA, and all member types can be entered and play in ICCF individual events.
    • Only Scots nationals (2a above, and refer 4d) of any member type can play (if selected) for Scotland in ICCF team events.


  1. Our general philosophy is to allow players to agree the playing mode in all events (including the Championship Final) by mutual consent. See also SCCA Events.
  2. We run the Championship Final on a fixed 2-year cycle, starting in January each year.
  3. We run all domestic tournaments other than the Championship on the following basis:
    • Generally one-year events, starting in January each year, but with Challengers matches able to be started at any time.
    • Playing rules, together with a current grading list, shall be published on the website at all times.
    • Time controls published by the controllers for each event should allow easy switching of methods during play.
  4. We promote domestic tournaments by allowing non-members selected entry rights, viz:
    • Leagues (and other team events) - 1 entry/year for non-members.
    • Introductory events - 1 free section for non-members.
  5. We run invitation/special events on whatever basis is deemed appropriate.


  1. All annual members are email subscribers via part of their membership fee, but require to pay an annual fee to receive a paper version of the magazine.
  2. All patron and life members require to pay an annual fee to receive the magazine after the first year.
  3. Complimentary magazines are only available by email.


  1. We run all major activities on a break-even (or better) basis, and report them separately in the annual accounts. These activities include:
    • SCCA domestic tournaments.
    • SCCA international and special tournaments.
    • ICCF team and individual tournaments.
    • Website.
    • Magazine.
    • 100 Club.
  2. We fund other activities on a discretionary basis, subject to:
    • Any projected surplus from annual income less expenditure and/or...
    • Any balance sheet surplus, subject to the maintenance of a minimum reserve.
  3. Discretionary activities will include:
    • Promotional activities.
    • Development/training events for members.
    • Contributions to expenses for delegates attending ICCF congresses.


  1. Within Scotland, all activities, including membership canvassing, are permissible using all available media.
  2. Internationally, we may actively promote our website and magazine using all available media, but other activities including membership should not be directly publicised.
  3. Invitations to international tournaments should be issued according to ICCF guidelines.