SCCA and ICCF Entry Fees

Last updated 5 February 2019

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Effective 1 September 2009.

Championship Events

SCCA members are entitled to one free entry per annum. Only one entry to the Final is permitted, and additional entries to other rounds cost as follows:

Premier & Open3

Non-Championship Events

SCCA members are entitled to free friendly internationals and Challengers (any number of games). Members also receive free entry to one team per League.

Friendly InternationalsFree

Other Member Subscriptions

Members may subscribe to the printed magazine in addition to their free e-magazine, and also to the 100 Club.

Printed magazine5/year
100 Club1/unit/month

Associate Member Subscriptions

Associate members may subscribe any or all of the following categories:

Magazine only8/year
100 Club1/unit/month


Effective 6 June 2018.

Team Events

The SCCA fully subsidises players selected to play for Scotland in international competitions such as Olympiads and European Team Championships. North Atlantic and North Sea team tournaments are subsidised by the organising federation. Costs of other events are:

Champions League9/board

Individual Events

SCCA members are entitled to discounted entry fees for ICCF events on condition they remain members for the duration of the event.

ICCF Event NewPreviousChange
World Championship prelims/semis22.0021.00+1.00
World Championship candidates (1st stage entry)13.5012.00+1.50
World Championship ladies semi11.0010.00+1.00
Class (7-player)3.503.50nil
Class (11-player)6.006.00nil
GM norm22.0021.00+1.00
Master norm18.0017.00+1.00
CCE/CCM norm13.50n/anil
World Cups9.008.50+0.50
Veterans' World Cups9.008.50+0.50
Webserver Open4.504.50nil
ICCF EU Zone Event NewPreviousChange
Postal Open class (4 player, 6 games)3.503.50nil
Postal EU Championship semis6.006.00nil
Postal EU Championship final11.0010.00+1.00
Webserver Open Round3.503.50nil
Webserver Preliminaries6.006.00nil
Webserver Semi-Finals22.0021.00+1.00
Webserver Candidates (1st Stage)13.5012.00+1.50
Webserver FinalFreeFreenil
Other Weberver Eventsper ICCFper ICCFnil