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Last updated 25 February 2023

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The SCCA Open is a one-year event, introduced in 2007 to replace the previous Major and Minor events, and it provides the entry stage in the Championship cycle. Webserver tables for the Open are available from its inception and links are provided on this page.

Webserver X-tables

2023 [A] 2023 [B] TD Paine, Prof K A
2022 [A] 2022 [B] TD Paine, Prof K A
2021 [A] 2021 [B] TD Anderson, G M
2020 [A] TD Anderson, J
2019 [A] TD Anderson, J
2018 [A] 2018 [B] TD Paine, Dr K A
2017 [A] TD Paine, Dr K A
2016 [A] TD Paine, Dr K A
2015 [A] 2015 [B] TD Paine, Dr K A
2014 [A] TD Paine, Dr K A
2013 [A] 2013 [B] TD Anderson, J
2012 [A] TD Anderson, J
2011 [A] TD Macgregor, C A
2010 [A] 2010 [B] 2010 [C] TD Macgregor, C A
2009 [A] 2009 [B] 2009 [C] TD Macgregor, C A
2008 [A] 2008 [B] TD Macgregor, C A
2007 [A] 2007 [B] 2007 [C] TD Dawson, Prof A G