News Archive 2004

Last updated 29 December 2004

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29 Dec 04 | Morrow and Cormack Win 2004 Majors Sections
Joe Morrow of Kemnay and Bill Cormack of Helmsdale have respectively won sections A and B of the Majors this year. Joe is the latest player to join our 100% club with 6/6, while Bill wasn't far behind in picking up 5½/6 - many congratulations to both of them!!

16 Dec 04 | Josef Mrkvicka Resigns from ICCF Presidency
Josef Mrkvicka today announced his resignation with effect from 1 January 2005, citing health and business reasons. Deputy President Max Zavanelli and the ICCF Executive Board will officiate until a successor is elected at the 2005 Congress in Argentina.

15 Dec 04 | World Champion Hamarat to play ICCF Webserver Challenge Matches
ICCF Zonal Director Med Samraoui has made the following announcement:
The ICCF World Champion Tunc Hamarat (AUT), who never lost a single game with White, has challenged the "Rest of the World" to a friendly 2-game match. He will have White in both games. The games (one started with 1.e4 and one with 1.d4) will be played on the ICCF Webserver and started on 10th February 2005 with the rule "10 moves/70 days". The players on the "Rest of the World" team will vote on each move. The move receiving the most votes will be selected. Should 2 or more moves receive the same number of votes, the "Rest of the World" will be given 2 more voting days to decide between the tied moves. Participation in this event is open to all players who pay an entry fee of 5 EUR or $7.00 US dollars via their National CC Federation or the ICCF Direct Entry (DE) option. All fees collected will be transferred to the ICCF Development Fund. The money will be used primarily for development and system support of the ICCF WebChess Server. It will be possible to join the "Rest of the World" team at any stage of the game. The games may be seen "live" by all players and other observers at ICCF webserver. Each player who voted for the selected move will receive 1 point per move. The player(s) with the most points at the end of the games will receive an ICCF Gold Book. The list of all entrants will be published on the ICCF webpage. For further entry details, please email George Pyrich at:

15 Dec 04 | Dreadnoughts A Win League Division 2
Peter Jack advises that the latest batch of results puts Dreadnoughts A out of sight with 8/10, so congratulations to them in winning the promotion spot outright! It looks as though Dreadnoughts B will finish as runners up, so they seem to have picked their boards pretty much correctly. On a sad note, condolences to the family and friends of Peter Heath who passed away during the competition.

24 Nov 04 | Last Few Email and Postal Places in ICCF XIV World Cup
Australian organiser George Stibal writes: "I am looking for 10-12 players to fill the last email groups, and 5-6 players to complete the postal groups in World Cup XIV. If you have some player who would still be interested to take part in this tournament, please don’t hesitate to send me entries as soon as possible. Due to the fact that I don’t know the exact number of players that I will need entry will be on the basis of first come, first served. Thank you very much for your help." Entries via the SCCA cost £12/player. For further entry and rules details, please email George Pyrich at:

23 Nov 04 | Five Brave Englishmen Win League Division 1
Peter Jack advises that the sassy sassenachs are out of sight once more with 9/10, so it's big congratulations to Alan Rawlings and his team for making it a clean sweep 2000-04! Kirkcaldy Kings interrupted the sequence in 1999, otherwise it would have been two centuries in succession... Word has it 5BE will stand down next year, which will save us appointing a handicap committee!

06 Nov 04 | Grant Wins 2004 Minors Section B
A double win over Michael Domnin has given John Grant an uncatchable 7/8 in Section B of the 2004 Minors. Many congratulations to the man from New Malden!!

06 Nov 04 | Crawley Wins 2004 Premiers
Following his draw with Pat Moir, John Crawley of Ashford in Kent has won the 2004 SCCA Premiers with an unbeaten 7/8. Many congratulations to him!!

28 Oct 04 | Brown Wins 2003-04 Championship
Alan Brown has recaptured his crown in the 2003-04 Championship. Ian Reeman was the only player who could catch him, but he has now resigned his final game against Alistair Maxwell. The final positions show Brown first with 8½ points, Mackintosh second with 8, Reeman third on 7½, and Maxwell a clear fourth on 6. Alan can now book his shopping trip at our sponsors, Chess Suppliers - many congratulations again!!

25 Oct 04 | Hart Wins 2004 Minors Section A
Glaswegian Bill Hart has triumphed in Section A of the 2004 SCCA Minors with a perfect ten - 10/10 - and automatically becomes a member of the elite SCCA 100% club! Many congratulations!!

19 Oct 04 | Close Finish in 2003-04 Championship
Current champion Alan Brown is on the verge of recapturing his crown as the 2003-04 Championship nears its conclusion. Alan's last game resulted in a win over David Edney after a long struggle, and he now has 8½ points with all games completed. Ian Reeman can match this total if he wins the final game of the event against Alistair Maxwell. Iain Mackintosh sits on 8 points with all games completed. The winner(s) can look forward to a shopping trip at Chess Suppliers!

06 Oct 04 | Magazine 87 Published
The autumn e-mag is being distributed by email and post today, and we trust all subscribers will safely receive their copy. As usual, members will be asked to download their emags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary emags will be attached to the email as previously. Download times should be a little faster this quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

26 Sep 04 | ICCF Announces First Webchess Open Tournament
Chris Lüers writes: ICCF is delighted to announce its first WebChess Open tournament to be played on the ICCF dedicated Webserver This tournament is open to all correspondence chess players worldwide, also for those without any previous ICCF experience. Multiple entries are allowed. The tournament will be played in three stages: preliminaries, semifinal and final. For this tournament, ICCF Playing Rules for Individual tournament games played normally by Webserver will apply. The interim version of these rules is available on the Webchess site (click on: Online Help/Interim Playing Rules). The final version of rules will be approved by the ICCF Congress in Mumbai, November 2004. The preliminary stage will be started in January-February, 2005 in sections of 7 (seven) players each. Only the section winner will qualify for the semifinal stage. Ties to be broken according to the ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 5. The sections will be started in batches of approx. 25 sections, with one-week distance. The exact size of batches will depend on the total number of entries / sections. The responsible ICCF Officer for this tournament is Valer-Eugen Demian (CAN), ICCF Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner (NTTC). He has appointed Guido Bresadola (ITA) as the Central Tournament Leader (CTL). The Tournament Directors will be appointed by the NTTC / CTL to take care of the particular preliminary sections. This tournament will be sponsored by ICCF by a prize fund, which will amount to 10 percent of the collected entry fees, however, not less than CHF 2000. Cash prizes only to be paid in the final stage. The entry fee for entries submitted via National Federations is CHF 12 per each section. The National Federations may set fees in local currencies as needed to cover this amount on entries they receive. The entry fee for Direct Entry via the facility is USD 15 per one section. The deadline for entries is 31st December, 2004. Entries to be sent via National Federations by Email to the Central Tournament Leader Guido Bresadola (ITA), Email: [email protected] Those players who are not yet members of any of our national CC federations, or who are members of national CC federations but have not played in ICCF tournaments previously, may enter this tournament via the Direct Entry facility available on: Direct Entry. The participation of these players is, however, limited to 2 (two) preliminary sections. For each direct entry subject to an entry fee, the appropriate ICCF member federation (where any) will receive a credit of CHF 3, and for all direct entries, it will be provided with the player's details, for national contact follow up. Special provisions: any prior ICCF player who according to the Eloquery database has not entered an ICCF tournament (Open Class, Higher Class, Master Class, Jubilee, World Cup, Semifinal, etc.) within the last five years (i.e. 2000 till 2004), will be entitled to enter one preliminary section of this tournament for free. We hope that this first big ICCF WebChess event not only will attract our loyal players who will be eager to test this new modern way of moves transmission, but also many new players who still have had no previous ICCF experience. To find out more about this event, or to enter it, please email George Pyrich at:

26 Sep 04 | ICCF Announces Class Tournaments on Webserver
Chris Lüers writes: ICCF is delighted to announce the start of regular class tournaments on the ICCF Webserver. With immediate effect, ICCF is accepting entries for the Open Class, Higher Class and Master Class tournament sections located at ICCF Webserver. Entries should reach the ICCF World Tournament Director Chris Lüers by email sent in by the national federation. Webchess Open and Higher Class groups will consist of 7 players while Webchess Master Class sections will have 11 players. The entry fee for each tournament is the same as for email tournament of the same level and of course all qualifications are fully valid. New players have the option to use the ICCF Direct Entry facility located at: Direct Entry Other tournament offers will follow soon; the next types of tournaments to be offered on our Webserver are groups of the ICCF Champions League, the regular ICCF Norm tournaments and soon after sections of the ICCF World Championship cycle. We hope that ICCF Webchess tournaments will find a good response from all chess players worldwide. As a personal remark I want to assure you that this kind of CC playing is not only worth a try, but that you will be amazed by the development compared with email play. Playing on the ICCF Webserver means fun and comfort! Have a try! To find out more about these events, or to enter any of them, please email George Pyrich at:

24 Sep 04 | ICCF Announces World Cup XIV Extension to Entries Date
ICCF has intimated that the closing dates for entries have been extended to 15 October (multiple) and 30 October (single). Entries via the SCCA cost £12/player. For further entry and rules details, please email George Pyrich at:

15 Sep 04 | ICCF Autumn 2004 Grading List Update
Raymond Baxter has revised the grading list with the autumn updates published by ICCF grader Gerhard Binder. You can check your latest ranking on the Grading page, and also download the list from the Members' page in pdf format.

15 Aug 04 | ICCF VII Ladies Olympiad
Daniel Finkelstein has announced that the VII Email Olympiad Preliminaries will start in December 2004. Teams comprise four players, and up to two substitutions may be made during the event. For further entry details, please email George Pyrich at:

10 Aug 04 | Picture Gallery Extended
Our picture gallery has now been extended to include photographs sent by the Egoart Club in San Fermo della Battaglia, Italy. They put on the exhibition at the 2003 ICCF Congress in Ostrava, and the images are really worth looking at! We are still waiting for a few to arrive, and will load them on to the site as soon as we can. Enjoy!

08 Aug 04 | ICCF World Championship Sections
ICCF has reminded us that each member federation is entitled to two wildcard entries per annum for world championship sections. Players need only pay the entry fee. For further entry details, please email George Pyrich at:

02 Aug 04 | Magazine 86 Published
The summer e-mag is being distributed by email and post today, and we trust all subscribers will safely receive their copy. We are a couple of weeks later than normal, so apoplogies if you missed being able to dial in from your chosen beach! Some of you receiving paper copies will notice a couple of extra blank pages - the printer's binding machine threw a wobbly, but everything else appears to be ok. As usual, members will be asked to download their emags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary emags will be attached to the email as previously. Members should see the most recent AGM and Executive minutes on the web page also. Please note that I've been overhauling my email set up, so update your address books if necessary. Download times will be roughly the same as last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

29 Jul 04 | ICCF Webserver Volunteers Wanted
ICCF has announced that it needs some extra help to administer the new webserver system, as well as proceed with further developments. There's a lot to do, and the work revolves round leading edge technology. The kind of skills required range from project manager, through programmer and tester roles in development; systems administration and help desk in the support area, plus marketing, sponsorship and press work on the promotional side. If you are interested in helping, contact me by email on: and I'll provide further details in your area of interest.

17 Jul 04 | ICCF Announces World Cup XIV
ICCF has intimated that the Australian CC Federation (CCLA) will be the main organiser of the next World Cup, and that entries may now be made by players. The tournament will be played in three stages, with separate postal, email and webserver sections in the preliminary stage, which will start in December 2004 at the latest. Preliminary groups will all have 9-11 players, each with one game against each other player in the group, with the winners of each group qualifying for the semifinal stage. Other qualifications will depend on the number of entries for the preliminary stage. Entries via the SCCA cost £12/player. For further entry and rules details, please email George Pyrich at:

14 Jul 04 | ICCF Webserver Up and Running
ICCF is now part of the internet chess world! The first phase of development for its in-house chess webserver has completed on schedule, and the first event (sponsored by Chess Mail) officially starts today. Most of the 90+ players have already begun their games, the pairing notices having been distributed at the beginning of July. True to form, gremlins struck at the service provider's location and caused a long outage on the first day, but that apart, the facilities seem to have been well received. Gordon Anderson is representing Scotland in section 4, and you can watch his games (and others) online - the public are allowed to view all the games at this stage, though there is a 3-move delay inbuilt (ie the players are three moves ahead of what you see). To browse the site, go to (there is a link on our home page now), then click Tables and Results, then choose a section, then click a cell in the cross-table to see the moves and position in the game(s) of your choice.

12 Jul 04 | ICCF Wins Silver Jubilee Match
Our mammoth 129-board friendly has now been won by the ICCF team. With 8 boards declared void, the winning post was 125½ points, and a recent flurry of results has seen our opponents pass that mark with the current score 91-127. We send warm congratulations to all our friends worldwide who participated in this landmark event for SCCA, and we also thank the indefatigable team captains, Duncan Chambers and George Pyrich, for their excellent work in controlling it!

24 Jun 04 | ICCF 2005 Postal Thematics Tournaments
Leonardo Madonia writes from the ICCF Thematic Tournament Office: 'Dear Chessfriends, as I want to prepare the list of postal thematics for 2005, please send me any request as soon as possible.' You can email Leonardo on:

16 Jun 04 | 2004 Openings Tournament
With some recent new members showing interest, Jim Anderson is able to announce the start of this year's Openings event. If necessary, it will run into 2005 to allow us to finish the games properly.

16 Jun 04 | SM Title for Mackintosh; 2nd SM Norm for Lloyd
At the Executive Committee which preceded the AGM, the Scottish Master (SM) title was awarded to Iain Mackintosh (2 grading norms of 2300+ in April 2000 and 2004, plus an IM norm from the XV Olympiad Preliminaries). Geoff Lloyd also received his second SM norm for an ICCF rating of 2323 in April 2004 to add to his SCCA rating norm achieved last year. Congratulations to both of them!!

16 Jun 04 | AGM Highlights
Usual suspects on committee. Membership and entry fees unchanged. First class post required for domestic events starting in 2005 and which last <1 year. Members dinner planned for November. All-Scottish team to be entered in ICCF Champions League.

06 Jun 04 | Douglas Livie Memorial Tournament
This invitational event gets under way officially on 14 June. We have organised a 13-player, category III event, with SIM and IM norms available. Douglas' father George is acting as TD. You can follow the results on this website, under the International section.

06 Jun 04 | ICCF Webserver Update
Josef Mrkvicka, ICCF President, makes this announcement:
The Steering Group is delighted to announce that at present, the programming of facilities required by the first event in July (as announced on the ICCF website on 24 May, 2004) is being completed. The test team will spend the next 6 weeks systematically testing everything that has been done so far. The Steering Group has recently signed an agreement with a hosting service for the Webserver and will transfer to their service during June. After the first event starts, the programming of team events will still have to be completed, which is the last part of phase 1 of the project. That programming work is expected to finish in August, after which ICCF can offer all types of event. Phase 2 of the project will start some time after August and will expand and enlarge on the existing structure and include new and more complex features. The ICCF Webserver is a purpose-built system for correspondence chess players and administrators. It can organise individual and team events on an international, zonal, national, or special category basis. Organizers and administrators can quickly and flexibly tailor any event to suit their needs. There is a wide variety of options, including time controls, pairing methods, viewing rules for finished/unfinished games, player substitutions, and so on. ICCF titles norms and ratings are fully supported, and the Webserver will automate many results and grading functions now and in the future. Extensive playing facilities are offered, with many options to help players organise their games, schedule their holidays and leaves, and enjoy secure communications. The Webserver is not a chess-playing engine, and will not evaluate positions. It will not recognise infrequent situations such as threefold repetition or the 50-move rule. It will however allow a limited form of conditional moves in those events where conditionals are selected by the organisers. Of interest to players is how the Webserver calculates time. Correspondence chess will still count in days. There is a central clock in the system, which timestamps each move made. If a reply is made within 24 hours of this timestamp then zero days is counted. One day is counted for each complete or part 24-hour period thereafter. So, the "phoney" email day is removed. The Webserver design allows for the addition of other methods of time calculation in future, but this will be the initial and standard method. Initially, the Webserver will allow players to download PGN versions of their games for storage and offline analysis. An important feature of the Webserver design is a new interface standard, which will allow the Webserver to link to other chess software that also uses the standard. ChessBase has agreed to implement this feature in a future release of their database product and support the new standard thereafter.

15 May 04 | SCCA AGM 2004
This will be held at Stirling Chess Club, BB Headquarters, Dalgleish Court, off Baker Street, Stirling at 4:00pm on Sunday, 13th June. A map and directions to the venue can be found by following the link: Stirling CC The agenda is:
  1. Apologies
  2. President's Remarks
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM
  4. Secretary's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. International Secretary's Report
  7. Election of Office Bearers
  8. Election of Auditor
  9. Subscriptions
  10. Proposal to use 1st class mail in events which complete inside 1 year
  11. AOCB

03 May 04 | ICCF Looking for Champions League TDs
ICCF-CL is looking for TDs willing to take over groups next season. Please consider volunteering! Send your messages of intent to Eugen Demain stating your TD experience and how many groups you would be able to take care of. Thank you!

12 Apr 04 | Gladiatoren Ante Portas (Gladiators Before the Gates)
GM Volker-Michael Anton reminds us that the tournament book from the Massow Memorial 1996-2001 can be bought online. This event was the strongest ever CC line-up, featuring world champions Michael Umansky (1996) and Gert Timmerman (2001), plus 6 other ex-champions. It was won by Anton, who co-authors the book with another ex-champion, Fritz Baumbach. I'll try to review the book in our next magazine, but meantime, it can be obtained for the very reasonable price of 13.80 euros, plus 4.50 euros p&p. The accompanying CD database optionally costs a further 5.90 euros. You get 240 pages, 105 games, 285 diagrams, 21 photographs, 15 portraits, and please note that it is a German text. Further details from: If you prefer, payment may be made via: Paypal

09 Apr 04 | Magazine 85 Published
The first e-mag of 2004 is being distributed by email and post today, and we trust all subscribers will safely receive their copy. As usual, members will be asked to download their emags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary emags will be attached to the email as previously. Please note that the password changed in October 2003, so get in touch if you haven't used the site for a while. Download times will be roughly the same as last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

25 Mar 04 | ICCF Announces Corporate Patron Scheme
Josef Mrkvicka, ICCF President, makes this announcement: Following the announcement of the Individual Patron scheme on March 5, ICCF now announces the second element for Corporate Patrons. The minimum contribution will be CHF 3000. The duration of the patronage will be five years. A Corporate Patron will be given priority use of the ICCF Webserver system (after ICCF and Member Federation events), for their promotional tournaments. Normally, the standard fee will apply for such events, but Corporate Patron will have a right to organise the equivalent of three Category XIV (or above) and three Category XIII (or below) events of not more than 15 players per tournament, without the payment of any handling fee. These "free" events should be started in the 5 year period. As already announced, the contact person for the Patron of ICCF programme will be ICCF Finance Director, Grayling Hill. You may contact him with any enquiries at the following Email address:

24 Mar 04 | Website Celebrates 6th Birthday
A slightly belated celebration for the website, which reached its sixth birthday on March 7. The site continues to grow, now occupying c.75Mb of disk space, and generating c.3Gb of traffic every month. With the continuing popularity of the e-magazine, the introduction of our picture gallery, and (sadly) the 'assistance' of the spammers, these figures are set to grow further. If you are into numbers, click on site statistics for up to date information. Once again, many thanks to all our contributors and readers!

19 Mar 04 | 2004 Grading List Published
Raymond Baxter has produced this season's list, and it is available on the Grading page to browse, and on the Members' page to download in pdf format. Normally the SCCA list precedes the first ICCF list of the year, but our difficulties with mis-reported results from 2003 events delayed the SCCA list, and we have produced a combined version. Apologies again for the delay; we welcome newcomers to the list, and trust there are more ups than downs!

14 Mar 04 | 2003 Majors and Minors Corrections
John Armstrong has drawn our attention to two incorrectly recorded results from last season. In the Majors, the correct result is: Armstrong 0-2 Grant, giving John Grant a share of first place with 6½ points. In the Minors, the correct result is: Armstrong 1½-½ Moir. This correction doesn't alter 1st place, but gives Armstrong 3½ and Moir 2 points in total. Jim Anderson has been indisposed for a while, so it has taken a few weeks to check out all the scores. Apologies to all for the delay, and we will now recalculate SCCA grades on this basis.

05 Mar 04 | ICCF Announces Individual Patron Scheme
Josef Mrkvicka, ICCF President, makes this announcement:
The 2003 ICCF Ostrava Congress approved the establishment of a Development Fund and designated that the first development project would be the ICCF WebServer. Congress also unanimously approved the introduction of individual, group and/or national federation patronage of ICCF, with specific benefits as one source of funding and directed the WebServer Steering Group to make detailed arrangements to initiate and progress such funding. At this time the ICCF WebServer Steering Group and Executive Board would like to announce the general outline of the programme and specific details concerning one portion of the programme. The purpose of the Patron of ICCF programme is threefold:
  1. Provide a substantial portion of the initial funding for the ICCF Development Fund.
  2. Provide an ongoing source of funding for the ICCF Development Fund.
  3. Provide a framework for future sponsorship agreements between the ICCF and individuals and/or organisations.
The Patron of ICCF programme will consist of three classifications consisting of Individual, National Federation, and Corporate Patron of ICCF. Two specific benefits will be common to all patrons. Each classification of patron will have free use of a class specific "Patron of ICCF" logo on their personal / organisation material and will receive prominent recognition on the ICCF website. The first designation of patronage will be the Individual Patron of ICCF. The minimum contribution for this designation will be CHF 500. This patronage will be considered to be the lifetime of the original patron. The name of each patron will be displayed on the square of his or her choice on a 64 square chessboard that will be prominently displayed on the ICCF WebServer. If the patron prefers they may of course remain anonymous. Squares on the chessboard will be allocated based on the order of requests received by the contact person. When reserving your square please provide at least three alternative squares you would be willing to accept. Once a request has been acknowledged, arrangements will be made for payment of the contribution. Upon receipt of payment, the square will be guaranteed for that specific patron. The contact person for the Patron of ICCF programme will be the ICCF Finance Director, Grayling Hill. You may contact him with any enquiries at the following email address:

05 Mar 04 | Rochade 15th Year Anniversary
European Zone Director Gian-Maria Tani advises that Rochade is celebrating its anniversary as follows: In 1989 the association "Chessfriends Rochade 5171" was founded in order to participate only in correspondence chess team competitions. Presently Rochade 5171 is represented by 78 members from different countries and takes part with 9 teams in the BdF team championship (Bundesliga) and with 17 teams in the ICCF Champions League. For its 15th anniversary a strong invitational team tournament will be played and the BdF and its President Dr Fritz Baumbach are warmly supporting this event. The tournament will be recognised by ICCF and therefore it will be possible to achieve norms for GM, SIM and IM titles; the games will be taken into account for the ICCF rating, too. 13 teams (ICCF, NAPZ, Europe, Africa/Asia, Latin America, Russia, the Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Chess Mail and Rochade 5171) of 10 boards each will compete in the tournament.
  • All players at the same board play each other - 12 games per player.
  • All games will be played by Email. The valid rules will be the ICCF playing rules for email team tournaments; the reflection time is exclusively changed to 50 days/10 moves.
  • All participants must be members of ICCF federations.
  • The average strength of players will be:
  • Boards 1-3: about 2450 (ICCF-ELO) or better;
  • Boards 4-6: about 2400 or better;
  • Boards 7-8: about 2350 or better;
  • Boards 9-10: 2300 or better.
The startdate will be 01.05.2004; the deadline for application is 01.04.2004; the closing date is expected for 31.12.2005. More information is available on: Rochade Website. If you are interested in representing the European Zone, please contact George Pyrich before 20th March at:

04 Mar 04 | Close Finish in 2003-04 Championship
Back-to-back wins against Lloyd and May have propelled current champion Alan Brown into the lead as the 2003-04 Championship nears its conclusion. Alan now has 7½ points with one game remaining. Close behind are Ian Reeman with 6½ points (2 games left), and Iain Mackintosh with 6 points (2 games left).

22 Feb 04 | Scottish Centenary Tournament Bulletin on Website
The bulletin for this event was issued as a series of magazine supplements in 1994. All 41 annotated games from the supplements are now available to browse online, as is the final crosstable and player profiles. The games collections from the tournament have also been updated with the annotated games, and you may wish to download them again to update your games collection. Follow the link under International Events on the left.

15 Feb 04 | ICCF European Zone Appointments
Zonal President, Gian-Maria Tani (ITA) has announced the following appointments:
  • Deputy President: Sergej Jakovlevic Grodzenskij (RUS)
  • Treasurer: Carlos Flores Gutiérrez (ESP)
  • Appeals Commissioner: Ragnar Wikman (FIN)
  • Archivist: Laurent Tinture (FRA)
  • Statutes Working Group: Éric Ruch (FRA)
  • Webmasters: Maurizio Sampieri and Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi (ITA)

25 Jan 04 | Magazine 84 Corrections
One or two of you have spotted that the pairings given for 2003 League Division 1 in the magazine are incorrect. The errors affect teams E and F (Five Brave Englishmen and Perth Correspondents). Team E pairings should read: E1vA1; E2vF2; E3vD3; E4vF4; and E5vB5. Team F pairings should read: F1vC1; F2vE2; F3vB3; F4vD4; and F5vA5. All other pairings and results are correct. We will print corrected tables for Divisions 1 and 2 in the next magazine. Apologies for the mistake - no excuses!

23 Jan 04 | Knights of the Board Win 2003 League Division 2 in Dramatic Recount!
In the course of checking results for grading purposes, it came to light that two boards in Division 2 last year had been mis-recorded. The most significant was the Anderson-Richardson encounter (A3-B3), which ended 1½-½ and contrived to give the title to the Knights with 11 points, Brutal Realism finishing with 10. Many apologies to both teams for having shown the positions incorrectly for the last month. Unfortunately, the error wasn't spotted before Magazine 84 hit the streets, or the pairing notices for this year's Leagues had been mailed out. Very sportingly, Knights have agreed to relinquish their right to a promotion place in Division 1 (and they assure me it's not because they haven't enough seats at their stadium), so Brutal Realism will play the new season in the higher league. Peter Jack sends his apologies, and his thanks to the Knights for their generous gesture!

21 Jan 04 | Magazine 84 Published
The last e-mag of 2003 is being distributed by email and post today, and we trust all subscribers will safely receive their copy. As usual, members will be asked to download their emags from the secure Members' page on the website, while complimentary emags will be attached to the email as previously. Please note that the password changed in October 2003, so get in touch if you haven't used the site for a while. Download times will be about the same as last quarter. If you have any problems with this edition, please drop me an email at: and I'll do what I can to help. Enjoy the read!

15 Jan 04 | Friendly International with Romania Starts
Our email, 20-board international match against Romania starts on January 26, with the Romanians sending the opening moves. Postal boards were not a practical possibility this time. Good luck to the team!

15 Jan 04 | SCCA 2003 Results
Jim Anderson announces that the 2003 Majors have been won by John Crawley (Section A), and Joseph Morrow (Section B), while the 2003 Minors goes to Gordon Kennedy with a perfect 6/6! Congratulations to all of them! League Div 1 results are also now complete.

05 Jan 04 | SCCA 2004 Events
Jim Anderson is now beginning to release the pairing tables for this year's domestic events, and controllers should be in touch with participants soon. We'll post details here as we receive them; meanwhile good luck to all entrants!

05 Jan 04 | Five Brave Englishmen Win League Division 1
Peter Jack advises that the adjudication process has awarded a win to David Barnes, and that precious point means that, yet again, Five Brave Englishmen collect the Division 1 title! Many congratulations to Alan Rawlings and his team for their enviable consistency! Can anyone stop them in 2004....?

05 Jan 04 | ICCF 2004 Title Tournaments
ICCF Title Tournaments Commissioner Søren Peschardt advises that the provisional start dates in 2004 are as follows:
  • April - WC XIX Final - 1st Email WC (Sponsored by NIC)
  • April - WC XXIII Candidates - 2nd Email WC (Sponsored by NIC)
  • June - Olympiad XIII Final - postal, optional email
  • September - WC XX Final - postal, optional email
  • December - Olympiad XVI - postal, optional email
In addition, WC XXIV Candidates and XXVIII Semi-Finals will be started on a running basis, as in 2003. Players wishing to know more about or to participate in any of these events should contact George Pyrich at: